Do I really have to exercise if I want to lose weight?

The answer most people want to hear is – No, you don’t!

It’s a very simple equation – Put 50-miles worth of petrol in your car, but only travel 30 miles – you’ll have 20-miles worth left! I’m not good at maths, but that’s a pretty easy one to work out.

They say a guy needs approximately 2,500 calories for his body to function in any given 24- hour period. A woman needs about 2,000. Now apply the above equation! Eat more calories than you need and where does it go – to your fat store!

If you want to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you put in. How do I do that? Easy – eat fewer calories than you need! You’ll definitely lose weight, but to feel good about yourself you’ll need to do a little bit of exercise as well!

Exercise doesn’t have to be 2 hours of sweating it out in the gym, running a marathon or killing yourself to get there. A nice walk on a beautiful day also counts. If you’ve got something that measures the number of steps you walk a day or, a ‘walking app’ then aim for 10,000 steps. It doesn’t matter how you do that. Motivation is such an important part of all this, so monitor your achievements and progress. Just write down each day what you have done and try to improve on that the next week. Getting into the right mindset and feeling really good about yourself is so important.

We have a saying at Your Slimming Clinic – “How old you are, is your business! How young you look and how good you feel about yourself is OUR BUSINESS!